From ijji (NA) GunZ stats


Highly customized set worn by the Xian Tactical Assassin Unit (XTA). Their unit is recognized for their high moral conviction and swift execution of a “higher law”, earning them the title: “The Shadows of Justice”. (Designed by Ryo Shintenzu/Shikamaru from NA GunZ)


One of the best sets in GunZ, the XTA set gives amazing bonuses. It is amongst the heaviest premium sets in GunZ.

Specific DetailsEdit

  • Xian Tactical Assassin Mask: 3HP/ 12AP/ 4Weight
  • Xian Tactical Assassin Coat: 6HP/ 26AP/ 17Weight
  • Xian Tatical Assassin Gloves: 3HP/ 16AP/ 5Weight
  • Xian Tatical Assassin Pants: 5HP/ 28AP/ 16Weight
  • Xian Tatical Assassin Boots: 3HP/ 22AP/ 6 Weight
  • Total Stats: 120HP/ 104AP/ 48Weight
  • Level 25 Required

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