Quest bosses are quest monsters that have much higher HP than normal quest monsters and skills that damages more. Once they are defeated, the quest is complete and they will drop an item. The item may be the weapon the quest boss is holding, which is useless and is unequipable, an equipment that can be used for 15 days, such as Shattered Iron. For more detailed information, please see the bosses' respective Quest pages.

List of BossesEdit

Dungeon QuestsEdit

Superion The Tainted

  • Large Skull+ Skeleton Doll
  • Drops: Torn Page 65, Demon Hand, Demon Bringer, Superion's Sword, Enormously Huge Skull

Anameron the Wicked

  • Mysterious Skull + Skeleton Doll
  • Drops: Torn Page 65, Devil's Dictionary, Odd Gun x2.


Enormously Huge Skull + Devil's Dictonary

  • HP: 7000, AP: 7000
  • Drops: Lich's Tail, Torn Page 65, Dark Lord Trousers (Men), Dark Lord Trousers(Women), Wings of Catastrophe

Cursed PalmpowEdit

  • Cursed Palmpow Idol + Skeleton Doll
  • Drops: Ice Blade, Palmpoa Hat(Men), Palmpoa Hat(Women), Ice Crystal, Torn Page 65

Mansion QuestsEdit

Fake Goblin KingEdit

  • Goblin Skull + Goblin Doll
  • HP: 5000, AP 5000
  • Drops: Pick Axe, Wizard Hands (Male) Wizard Hands (Female), Goblin Commander's Club, Torn Page 65
  • 8k xp

Goblin KingEdit

  • Goblin Skull + Crimson's Necklace
  • HP: 7000, AP: 7000
  • Drops: Goblin King's Skull, Goblin King's Axe, Torn Page 65, Goblin Hat (Men), Goblin Hat (Women), Goblin Rocket Launcher
  • 10K XP

Dwarf KingEdit

  • Goblin King's Skull + Goblin Doll
  • Drops: golden stunner gloves(men and women), Golden Goblin Club, Golden Goblin helmet, torn page 65

Thunder Goblin KingEdit

  • Crimson's Neclace + Goblin King's Skull
  • Drops: Torn Page 65, Golden Goblin Hat(Men), Golden Goblin Hat(Women), Golden Goblin Launcher, goblin king's axe
  • 12k Exp 1k Bounty

Palmpoa CommanderEdit

  • Palmpow Doll + Goblin doll
  • Drops: Palmpow Idol (100% drop rate)

Prison QuestsEdit

Giant Lizardman / Kobold KingEdit

  • Gold Ring + Platinum Ring's
  • Drops: High-Class Gear, Battle Axe, Giant Lizardman's Axe, Torn Page 65, Lizardskin Gloves(Men), Lizardskin Gloves(Women)
  • XP= 360 1/3 and 2/3. 600 final.

Broken GolemEdit

  • Kobold Doll + High-Class Gear
  • Drops: Shattered Iron


  • Palmpow Idol + Kobold Doll
  • Drops: Cursed Palmpow Idol, Palmpow Shirt(Men), Palmpow Shirt(Women), Palmpow Rocket Launcher, Torn Page 65
  • EXP:20k  BOUNTY:5k

List of Custom BossesEdit

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Ruin QuestsEdit

Alp: Pistols, Axe, & Quest Boss ItemsEdit


  • Aneramon's Sword + Broken Gear
  • Drops: Shotgun, Revs, Katana, Ghost Jacket & Gloves, Dagger, Rockets, & Rifle

Fallen Warrior QuestsEdit

Force Fed Broken GlassEdit

  • Blessed Cross + Speaking Stone
  • === Drops: Pistols, Axe, and the forbidden sword of 999billion warrior's ===


  • Blessed Cross + Cursed Cross
  • Drops: yonatans mom, Revs, Katana, Ghost Jacket & Gloves, Dagger, Rockets, & Rifle


Dark MageEdit

  • Enormously Huge Skull + Mysterious Skull
  • Drops: Small skull, or Large Skull.

Ghost KingEdit

  • Blessed Cross + Cursed Cross
  • Drops: Unknown