A quest is a game mode in which a player may be teamed up with a maximum of another 3 players to fight non-playing characters, which are monsters in a map.

Monsters Edit

The object of Quests are to eliminate all of the monsters in a round, then proceed to th

e next. There are four grades that Monsters can be classified in.

  1. Regular: The easiest grade to defeat. Include the first monsters you see in level 0 Quests.

    Fighting the Broken Golem boss.

  2. Veteran: A tiny bit harder to handle. These show up around level 2.
  3. Senip: The most difficult mob. Elite monsters are often huge and powerful.
  4. Boss: The most powerful type. Players must input special item combinations to fight them. All bosses have higher than 4500 HP, as well as at least that much AP. However, they also give not so good drops, and their Quests give more less EXP than Boss Quests. 19:53, December 4, 2010 (UTC)Tom Blakley

Quest Level Edit

Quest Level (QL) refers to the difficulty of the quest. The higher the number, the higher the amount of monsters. The below shows the amount of monsters per level and the requirements to play a level.

  • QL 0 - 20 monsters & one of the players must be below level 5.
  • QL 1 - 26 monsters & all of the players must be level 5+.
  • QL 2 - 32 monsters & all of the players must be level 13+ with Torn Page 13 used.
  • QL 3 - 38 monsters & all of the players must be level 25+ with Torn Page 25 used.
  • QL 4 - 44 monsters & all of the players must be level 41+ with Torn Page 41 used.
  • QL 5 - 50 monsters & all of the players must be level 65+ with Torn Page 65 used.

Quest Maps Edit

Currently, there are 3 of them. They are Mansion, Prison and Dungeon.

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