Prison Items are rewards in Prison Quests.

Reward Dropped By Rarity
Iron Earring Kobold Common
Silver Earring Kobold Shaman Common
Gold Earring Kobold General Uncommon
Kobold Doll Kobold General Uncommon
Platinum Earring Kobold Commander Rare
Kobold King's Axe Lizard King Uncommon
Lizardskin Gloves (Men) Lizard King Rare
Lizardskin Gloves (Women) Lizard King Uncommon
Battle-Axe Lizard King Rare
High-Class Gear Lizard King Very Rare
Broken Gear Broken Golem Rare
Golem's Sword Broken Golem Rare
Android Mask (Men) Broken Golem Very Rare
Android Mask (Women) Broken Golem Rare
Shattered Iron Broken Golem Uncommon
Torn Page 65 Any King/Golem Common

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