From ijji (NA) GunZ stats


(Need Description)

A High Level set with No HP but Great AP. Add a Premium Hat and you have great stats. Very Heavy but Good Looking set.


General DetailsEdit

Level: 40

Specific DetailsEdit


  • Miz Noir Formal Shirt

HP: +0 AP: +29

  • Miz Noir Formal Pants

HP: +0 AP: +27

  • Miz Noir Stylish Gloves

HP: +0 AP: +16

  • Miz Noir Stylish Shoes

HP: +0 AP: +21


  • L* Formal Shirt

HP: +0 AP: +29

  • L* Formal Pants

HP: +0 AP: +27

  • L* Stylish Gloves

HP: +0 AP: +16

  • L* Stylish Shoes

HP: +0 AP: +21

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