There was 7 official versions of GunZ, 2 of which were available internationally, 4 of which were available only in their localised regions.

  • North America ("ijji GunZ") - (Closed) Hosted by ijji and later Aeria games.
  • International ("IGunZ") - (Closed) Hosted by MAIET Entertainment. Cannot be accessed from any regions with specialized servers.
  • Korea ("KGunZ") - (Closed) Sponsored by Netmarble.
  • Japan ("GunZwei") -(Closed) Sponsored by Gameon.
  • India ("InGunZ") - (Closed) Sponsored by Level Up!.
  • Brazil ("BGunZ") - (Closed) Sponsored by Level Up!. It was pay-to-play until recently.
  • North America ("ijjiGunZ") - (Closed) Sponsored by NHN USA via their game portal Ijji.
  • Philippines ("PGunZ") - (Unreleased) Sponsored by Level Up!.
  • Brazil/Latin America ("UltraGunZ") - (Closed) Sponsored by Kaybo, its was the last official GunZ server.

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