Notability is a tricky thing in any wiki. The term refers to a topic's "worth" in terms of being notable enough to write about. However, as editors are only human, there may be differences in what an individual considers to be noteworthy.

At the GunZ Wikia, we have a rather unique definition of notability. Here, almost anything regarding the topic matter (that is, GunZ: The Duel) is notable. Private servers, custom weapons, strategies, all of that.

HOWEVER: This is not a "free pass" for you to create an article about some absolutely random thing. Here, we must ask you to use your best judgment in determining notability, and if you fail to meet our standards, we will make those decisions for you.

Examples of topics that are NOT noteworthy include personal information, opinions, and clans.

If you require aid in determining whether a topic meets standards for notability, just ask an Administrator.

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