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GunZ: The Duel 2 is MAIET's second installment for GunZ: The Duel. It was released in Korea in 2011, and March 2013, MAIET announced an English released would be available free on STEAM.

It was not in time to replace the first game, which Aeria is dropped May 31, 2013. However it eventually came out mid-February, 2014.



  • Elliya is an Operator who gives you the tutorial on how to move.
  • Ronson teaches you how to dance.
  • Emily is a GSF medic who teaches you how to use your Z gauge.


Characters can choose one of four classes to begin as:

Both Rena and Ivan (and other Avengers and Dancers are members of the Assassins' Brotherhood founded by the Saints of Geor after escaping Astra while fleeing the Vela Curia. This is represented by a blue background.

Gunslingers are is a member of the Rising Falcons, while Troopers have Optimite abilities they used for the Empire and Republic.

These preassigned names refer to the layouts, and are not actually the user's account name. Players may only choose 1 name per account, and this is entered separately from their steam accounts.


It is due no later than 2009 and will be built completely from scratch. It will utilize the Realspace 3.0 engine, which can be seen at work in screenshots of MAIET's discontinued MMORPG, AceSaga. It has been in development since October 2007.


MAIET officials have stated that even with the release of GunZ 2, GunZ 1 servers will continue to operate. Thus, GunZ 2 will be considered as a separate game, not an update.

That said, while GunZ 1 and GunZ 2 ran concurrently from late 2011 to early 2013, with the cancellation of GunZ 1 by Aeria in May 2013, GunZ 2 will be the only game left (and thus a replacement) from June 2013 on.


It has also been stated that GunZ 1's "problematic system", which is the basis for many Styles and tricks, will be "changed to a better system", but not altered fundamentally. K-Styling will be possible, but may be "a bit different in terms of outlook or control". GunZ 1 characters will not be transferred to GunZ 2.

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