Frankly, some edits can be downright confusing. Take a deep breath and follow our 4 easy steps!

There will come a time when you'll come across an edit that makes you think, "WTF?". Perhaps you'll open up the article for Quest and see that someone's added:

In GunZ, finishing a Quest will allow you GM powers for three hours.


Every eight quests, players will be faced by "Obama the Terrible", a boss monster fashioned after our dear leader.

In these scenarios, simply do the following:

  1. Remove the offending edit to make sure no one is misinformed.
  2. Go to the article's Talk Page and leave a comment.
  3. If no answer is given for two days, and/or the user simply edits it back in, leave a comment on the user's own Talk Page.
  4. If no suitable answer is given, and the user continues to edit the offending comment in, contact an Admin and s/he will take disciplinary action as per normal penalties for vandalism.

How to Avoid WTF Edit

Obviously, as an editor, you don't want others doubting your word. Otherwise, your hard work will be for naught when someone reverts your edit and claims you made up the information. To avoid this, simply give reliable sources.

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