These sets are considered 'Rare Item' sets.


The Fenrir Guardian sets best both the Xian Tactical Assassin and Valkyrie sets in terms of total bonuses. However, it ties the Valkyrie set as heaviest premium set in GunZ. For those wishing for a lighter version, the Fenrir Field Guardian set is a viable alternative.

Specific DetailsEdit

  • Fenrir Guardian Helmet: 2HP/14AP/4Weight
  • Fenrir Guardian Upper Garment: 4HP/30AP/17Weight
  • Fenrir Guardian Gloves: 2HP/20AP/6Weight
  • Fenrir Guardian Pants: 4HP/30AP/16Weight
  • Fenrir Guardian Shoes: 2HP/24AP/7Weight
  • Total Stats: 114HP/118AP
  • Total Weight: 50
  • Level: 25

  • Fenrir Field Guardian Helmet: 2HP/14AP/4Weight
  • Fenrir Field Guardian Upper Garment: 3HP/30AP/16Weight
  • Fenrir Field Guardian Gloves: 2HP/20AP/6Weight
  • Fenrir Field Guardian Pants: 4HP/28AP/15Weight
  • Fenrir Field Guardian Shoes: 2HP/24AP/7Weight
  • Total Stats: 113HP/116AP
  • Total Weight: 48
  • Level: 25

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