Ethernal Rage GunZ, more commonly known as ERGunZ, is a GunZ private server that is created by Skylar.

Ethernal Rage GunZ is a server based on player's fairness and wants in a game. They try to get every fair game play from a player with there aspects of the game that they wants to see. They run a set of rules of which the staff player is NOT aloud to join the players game in killing them. Players are excluded from staff while fighting and will only be interactive with each other in an event. other then that, Staff are separated from players *except for technical problems/issues*.


  • We are a relatively new server, with a small amount of people on and many staff spots available.
  • Exp. Rates are very good and there are customs on the server.
  • There are developer spots available and you receive a photoshop download for the job.
  • Donators can get items from the item shop and they get a certain item depending on the amount of their donation.
  • The server is on 24/7



  • Skylar - Head Owner
  • Xemnas1 - Owner, head developer
  • Kmazz - Owner

Game MastersEdit

  • Streetleet
  • 0xg0ldpk3rx0
  • Jason


  • Xemnas1
  • (Spots available and needed.)

External linksEdit

Forums - [1]

Home site - [2]

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