• Aaronwhines

    Jet Theory

    July 24, 2009 by Aaronwhines

    Interesting. Seems like it qualifies as its own "style" to me; the basis seems to be timing attacks so that you can attack before your animation frames are completed? This video is proof of effectiveness. So for now, the todo is:

    • Jet Theory
    • Leadshot
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  • Aaronwhines


    July 20, 2009 by Aaronwhines

    Thought I might as well look into this.

    Hi, I'm Aaron, and I am pretty much the only active editor and administrator of this wiki. As I no longer play GunZ nearly as actively as I once did, I no longer contribute any large quantities of information; I am, to be blunt, a janitor.

    If you look in the Recent Changes page, you'll notice that this wiki isn't really edited that often. Thus, there's a lot of information that we're missing, and we're often behind the times.

    However, if you're the type who enjoys contributing, this is an opportunity for you to do so. Some things you could do to help include adding pages for equipment, making notes of new patches, or, if you're looking for the chance to advertise your server, adding it to the list. Ther…

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