Block is an essential move in Gunz. It can be performed by pressing shift with a sword equipped. By doing so, you are performing the basis for many important moves. Blocking can be a very good move as not only can you deflect bullets and slashes with it but you also instantly charge a [[massive]] if the block is successful. Because of this, not only can you negate an enemy's attack, you can also counter-attack with deadly efficiency, as a massive does double damage and also pushes the opponent back, stunning them for about a second or two. It is also more difficult to miss, as the blast harms anybody nearby.

Uses Edit

Block is used for many basic moves. Most important of these is the butterfly'. To perform a butterfly, you press ww+space+click+shift (dash+jump+slash+block) all at the same time. Block is also useful in demanding battle situations, because with all those people slashing at you, if you just block, you can deflect their attack and launch a counter-attack with double damage. Block cannot be done with a dagger or a gun because... well... you can see why. Block can only be done with swords, so it is not a versatile move, but is very useful in gladiator matches.

Counter Maneuvers Edit

There are many things that can be done to prevent a block from being successful. Most common is by circling around the target. Because blocks only protect the front side of the body, a person could move to the back of an opponent and the block wouldn't work. Also, if a person stays persistent, blocking and waiting for you to make the first move, you start by running up to them and flipping them in the air. This will at least throw them off balance for a second, and will cancel their block. Finally, a person could come up to you and wait until your block wears off, and since there is a one second gap between the first block and the second, a person could use that time to launch an attack, to distract you and throw you off balance.

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